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MPCL Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
mpclName-space for MPCL
mpcl::automatonName-space for AUTOMATON
mpcl::eventName-space for EVENT
mpcl::invariantName-space for INVARIANT
mpcl::ioName-space for IO
mpcl::memoryName-space for MEMORY
mpcl::netName-space for NET
mpcl::net::cgiName-space for CGI
mpcl::net::corbaName-space for CORBA
mpcl::systemName-space for SYSTEM
mpcl::textName-space for TEXT
mpcl::text::codegenName-space for CODEGEN
mpcl::text::htmlName-space for HTML
mpcl::text::regexName-space for REGEX
mpcl::text::xmlName-space for XML
mpcl::utilName-space for UTIL
mpcl::util::collectionName-space for COLLECTION
mpcl::util::loggingName-space for LOGGING
mpcl::util::prefsName-space for PREFS
mpcl::util::strategyName-space for STRATEGY
org::mpcl::designpatterns::behavioralPackage name for BEHAVIORAL design patterns
org::mpcl::designpatterns::mvc::controllerPackage name for MVC CONTROLLER paradigm
org::mpcl::designpatterns::mvc::modelPackage name for MODEL (from MVC paradigm) design patterns
org::mpcl::mathPackage name for MATH
org::mpcl::nuiPackage name for NUI (Native User Interface)
org::mpcl::nui::treetablePackage name for TREETABLE (tree-table support classes)
org::mpcl::textPackage name for text related classes
org::mpcl::text::htmlPackage name for HTML related classes
stdName-space for STD
xmlightLibXMLight's main namespace

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